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    ​Starting on 5th January 2021

Our specific training outdoors focus on the full development of the player, there are two options available to you. Training in the form of"cycles" that last throughout the season or training"on demand" . These training sessions are intended for children aged 5 to 21 and take place in Rixensart (15 min from Brussels) and in Genappe.
The "cycles" are composed of different periods, the prices are more advantageous and take place on specific days, for those who want a FIXED solution throughout the year this is the appropriate formula.
"On-demand" training is tailor-made, depending on the availability of each individual, whether individually, in pairs or in groups, this solution is suitable for those who want continuous flexibility during the season.
We offer indoor training throughout the year at the Diependaal complex, located in Tervuren. These workouts are intended for children from 4 to 7 years old. Our training method mixes coordination with and without balls, basic technique, ball touch, balance and responsiveness in a fun way so that children evolve in a favorable environment.

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